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Mahoutsukai Dojo 魔法使い道場

Shiken Haramitsu Daikomyo

四拳 波羅蜜 大光明

I have often been asked to explain this ceremony. I find it very difficult to put it into words. While sorting through a large pile of papers I found this explaination that is better than most of mine.   I'll start this by explaining how the ceremony is done and explain the meaning behind it later.   Firstly all the students line up at the North wall of the Dojo. The students should line up in order of grade. Highest to the right. Everybody should take the line from the first student on the right. The Instructor should be out in front facing the students. At the command 'Seiza' all the students kneel and the instructor turns so his back is to the students and face the Dojo shrine (?) and kneels. On the command 'Gassho' everybody places his or her hands together in front of them (as if praying). The instructor will then say:   'Chihaya buru, kami no oshie wa totoshi ni tadashiki kokoro, mio mamoruran'  ちはやぶる、かみのおしえわととしにこころ、みおまもるあん He will then say: 'Shiken Haramitsu Daikomyo'  しけんはりみつだいこみょ  The students repeat this. Everybody claps their hands twice and bows, and then claps their hands once more. The Dojo Cho will then turn and face the students and everyone bows again.   Everyone then say's:   'Onegishimasu' おねがいします   The ceremony is repeated at the end of a class exactly the same, but at the end everyone says:   'Arigato Gozaimas' ありがとございます   An explanation of 'Shiken Haramitsu Daikomyo'   'Chihaya buru, kami no oshie wa totoshi ni tadashiki kokoro, mio mamoruran'   Chihaya buru literally translates as "a thousand quick shakes" and serves as the introduction to this "waka" style poem. The remainder of the phrase helps to remind us that the teachings of the Kami will protect a proper heart for eternity, while a proper heart will protect all of your being. 'Shiken Haramitsu Daikomyo'   Shiken : Shiken is the sensation and the harmony perceived by the sense of hearing and heart. It is also the creative sound result of polar opposites uniting (in/yo, yin/yang, man/woman)   Haramitsu : Also know in Sanskrit as Paramita (one of the Ksanti Paramita) which is Buddha's Satori or a permenant state of spiritual awaking that transcends the limitations of life and death. The general idea behind the 6 Paramita is freedom from bearing grudges, pain or jealousy and building endurance in a relationship with the world outside of yourself. Hatsumi Sensei's idea fosters sincerity, loyalty and faithfulness.   Daikomyo : In Buddism, it is the big bright light of Buddha. For us, it is the illumination from your inside to your outside. This can be experienced as the light of your heart on a physical plane.   'Onegi Shimasu'   Please teach me   'Arigato Gozaimas'   Thank you
'In every encounter experience there is the potential for gaining our enlightenment, the possibility of finding that one missing piece of the puzzle that brings about illumination.   It is our own mind that determines the experience to be positive or negative' Hatsumi Sensei
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Shiken Haramitsu


四拳 波羅蜜


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