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Torinawa Jutsu 捕縄術 
Koma Musubi  (Frame Knot)  こま結び
Another knot that is very common in the western world is that of the ‘reef knot’ or ‘square knot’. As already mentioned, we are studying torinawa so it should be refered to in teh context of torinawa. As with the other knots we have looked at, koma musubi is a self tightening knot that is easily opened by pulling on each side to release. Most martial artists will be familiar with this knot as it is used to secure the belt around the gi.
When practising hon nawa, most knots are interchangeable, meaning that you can use whatever knot is required or needed. Sometimes certain knots are specific to a tie such as this one using koma musubi
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Koma Musubi  (Frame Knot)  こま結び
Torinawa Jutsu