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Torinawa Jutsu 捕縄術 
Kata Musubi  (Single Knot)  片結び
Kata Musubi is your classic ‘slip’ knot. This knot has many different uses in both hayanawa (fast rope) and hon nawa (main rope). It is easy and quick to tie and provides an excellent anchor point from which to begin your technique. This knot will allow you to adjust your tie, but should be remembered that, for all it;s versatility, it is a slip knot that will not hold on its own. Although used in this form in hayanawa, it becomes a base for many other knots used in hayanawa. There are many variants, of which we will look at in later lessons.
In it’s standard form the knot is very easy to spot. I have included a hon nawa technique just to demonstrate where you might find this knot and how it is applied. As with the other knots we are studying it is important to be able to tie this quickly and efficiently, both with two hands or just one hand.
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Kata Musubi  (Single Knot)  片結び
Torinawa Jutsu