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Torinawa Jutsu 捕縄術 
Ittatsu Ryu 一達流 
The Ittasu Ryu is a school of nawajutsu that was created in the 17th century. It is attached to the Shinden Muso Ryu and was created by one of the Soke of the school, Matsuzaki Kinueimon Shigekatsu. The school is grouped into three levels and comprises a total of 24 forms. Ge (inferior) series     Ichimonji haya nawa     Hagai tsuke haya nawa    Hitoe hishi nawa     Shin hagai tsuke nawa Ya hazu nawa     Sumi chigai nawa     Shin tombô nawa     Happô karami nawa     Yagura hishi nawa Chû (middle) series     Hishi haya nawa     Hishi nawa     Jûmonji nawa     Bajô bagai tsuke nawa     Tombô nawa     Shin futae hishi nawa     Shin kikô nawa     Yagura hishi nawa Jô (higher) series     Jûmonji haya nawa     Jûmonji nawa     Futae hishi nawa     Kikô nawa     Age maki nawa     Shin hagai tsuke nawa     Munawari hitoe hîshi nawa     Kiri nawa
In order to understand these forms there some kihon  基本 (basics) that need to be understood.
ひと結び Hito Musubi (Person Knot) Hito musubi is created by placing one strand of rope over the other to lock it in place.   Chichi (Breast) Chichi (also known as chichine) is a bend in the rope. This covers bends on single strands (as illustrated) or double or triple strands. When practising the forms there are often many chichi formed. 蛇口 Jaguchi (Serpents Mouth) A loop is created at the end of the rope. A chichi is formed and passed through the loop to create jaguchi To be continued......................................
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Ittatsu Ryu 一達流 
Torinawa Jutsu