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Torinawa Jutsu 捕縄術 
Ittatsu Ryu 一達流 
This article carries on with some of the Ittatsu Ryu kihon waza. It is important to learn these kihon as they will be used thorughout the forms of the school. Some of these musubi ho 結kびム方ロ are used in several ryu ha, but you will find some that are specific to this ryu. The information presented below is for research only. Please seek professional instruction if you have an interest in this topic. **Note** Please excuse the poor translations. I’m just getting to grips with kanji and might be well off in my interpretation.
亀の輪 Kamenowa  (Turtle Ring) This is a self tightening, locking knot that is commonly know in the west as a ‘clove hitch’. Great care must be taking when practising with this knot as it will cause excessive pressure on nerve paths and blood supply. 右手左ひねり  Migite hidari hineri  (left of right hand twist) This musubi is created by passing a chichine  through a hito musubi  ひと結び. This musubi will lock down on the loop to create a secure point. 右手右ひねり  Migite migi hineri (right of right hand twist) This is the reverse of migite hidari hineri.
Lastly there are a few names that will come up so itís important to understand them    高手 Takate  Refers to the upper part of the arm     小手 Kote  Refers to the lower part of the arm (forearm)
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Ittatsu Ryu 一達流 
Torinawa Jutsu